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To access the MEMBERS AREA, you must be a member of the Louisville Bar Association.

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As a member of the LBA, you are entitled to browse exclusive "Members Only" content throughout the website. In addition, your membership privileges may also include the opportunity to view premium content intended for section, committee or entity members only.

How to Login...At any time during your visit to the LBANetwork, you may be prompted to enter a username and password, in order to gain access to privileged information. You may also choose to login through the "Members Entrance" button located in the left navigation bar of your screen. If you chose the latter option, you will not be prompted to login again should you encounter a members only area of the site.

Your username and password...Your username on the LBA Network is your last name, and your password is your LBA Membership ID number. However, if you wish, you may change your password to a unique password after your first login. If you do not know your password, please contact LBA Online Support at admin@loubar.org.

Changing your password & roster information...You may choose to change your password at any time AND you may update your roster profile by clicking on MODIFY MY PROFILE in the Members Area.