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CLE - Cyber Security - 3.0 Credits - April 30

Cyber Security: The New Frontier Intrusion Detection and Monitoring Technology

The World Wide Web is the modern day Wild West. Laws are difficult to enforce and crimes go largely unpunished. Instead of gangs of outlaws we have groups of hackers. These groups are looking for financial records, intellectual property and highly confidential information. Their attacks are becoming more sophisticated, more frequent and more difficult to prevent. As these attacks strengthen, businesses are becoming more dependent on the information and technology at risk.

Fortunately, for small businesses and large corporations alike, there are ways to mitigate the risks of a breach of the data that is so critical for day to day operations and decision making. The evolution of cyber threats and malicious programs has spurred the development of Cyber Security.

During this CLE, you will learn:

- What's in the news- Current headlines, statistics, and the landscape of hacking in the US and Worldwide
- Why you SHOULD be concerned, and why you MUST be concerned- a review of Compliance and regulatory issues
- A review of tools, traditional hardware and software configurations, and the security tools of the future

For more information and to register, CLICK HERE or contact the CLE Department at 583-5314.

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